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  • Gurdeep Pandher has inspired millions of people through his love of Bhangra – the traditional folk dance of Punjab. Throughout the pandemic, his messages of hope, joy and p

  • Do you have a website that needs revamping? or a small business with a story to tell? Looking for crisp images to revamp your digital presence? I’d LOVE to work with

  • Authentic – Candid – Fresh – On Location Now Booking Spring and Summer

  • As spring begins to offer glimmers of hope, and we dust off the difficulties of winter, it’s hopeful to think of the warmer days ahead. Last summer, I began my Cottag

  • This is a long time coming, but a reminder that when you plant seeds, you don’t know when they’re going to bloom. Jay’s book debuted at #1 in the UK and remains on th

  • At the end of 2018, I started the Thread Project – a portrait series designed to reveal our interconnections as people. I’ve asked change-makers what are the th

  • I dared myself to extend my goal by a few books, and made it to 37.  I challenged myself to get over my own book preferences and read outside my usual genres – a

  • My friend reminds me of a quote from one of my favourite Jack Kerouac novels, On the Road: “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad

  • I was honoured to be part of this project. As the documentary photographer on set, I captured footage from this innovative and important conversation about the future of de

  • My idea for the #ThreadProject is to reveal our interconnections as humanity, the threads that tie us together, through portraiture and words. Prior to becoming a photograp

  • I’ve always been a reader. Kept note of the titles I read, jotted down in the back of old journals, along with quotes my heart wouldn’t let me forget. I cling t

  •                        I’m reminded of Rumi’s words, “what you seek is seeking you.” 2018 has been a year where I declared myself an artist, bu

  • Fear is a funny thing. I already did the hard work – traveled, photographed, edited and wrote the story – and yet when it comes to sharing my work, I froze. I d

  •       I love to see people shine in what they do. Amanda is a healer, a warm and intuitive practitioner – who is at her best when she’s helping people. We first

  • It was a sunny, bright afternoon as I got off the bus in the North west area of Calgary, Alberta. I approached the mosque, surrounded by beautiful evergreen trees, with a h

  •      “I still fight those battles,” he stated, hands clenched across his lap. The room fell silent, in the quiet space of understanding. First responders, polic

  • Alzheimer’s is so cruel. It robs people of their words, their memories, their loved ones, their capacities. And as she retreats to her happy memories, it’s hardest on the f

  •          On a brisk Saturday afternoon in early December, I headed to a quiet street in Toronto’s east end. As I rang the doorbell, I could hear the muffled sounds of

  • This past spring I took at course at Artscape here in Toronto, specifically for Creative Entrepreneurs and one of the first people I connected with was Sam. She laughs with

  • More than a decade ago, I attended an event and was introduced to the musical style and lyrical genius of Nomadic Massive. I was immediately struck by their style, how they

  • This trans-Canada beauty hails from Calgary, but crosses our fair country every few months to expand her talents eastward. She’s an artist with style, incredible humo

  • My photography work has taken me around the world, and around the corner in the places I call home. I’ve photographed the aftermath of natural disasters, the trans-fo

  • During my time in Haiti, I came to know an artist by the name of Brutal Michel. He is part of a community of metal workers in Croix-des-Bouquets, just north of the capital

  • The 2010 Haiti earthquake (Haitian Creole: Tranblemanntè 12 janvye 2010 nan peyi Ayiti) was a catastrophic magnitude 7.0  earthquake that struck 25 km west of the capital c

  •   Want to freshen up with a fresh, chic, authentic headshot while visiting one of Toronto’s coolest districts? I’ve got a few spots left for my fast ‘

  • Gord Downie, one of our country’s beloved musicians, poet and social activist, was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 2016. I’ve created a series of limited edition

  • On a cold January afternoon, thousands of people gathered at Queen’s Park in Toronto to march in solidarity. To call to action. To express outrage. To call for unity.