Joel L. Daniels – God Wears Durags, Too
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Joel L. Daniels – God Wears Durags, Too



I’m reminded of Rumi’s words, “what you seek is seeking you.”

2018 has been a year where I declared myself an artist, but more so, where I stepped fully into my power as an artist. And since then, the pixie dust set sail on the wind and lead me to some creative soulmates. When I got clearer on my values, what kind of art I want to make and the people I want to connect with … they started to appear. Algorithmic Twitter magic lead me to Joel L. Daniels.

He’s holding love and strength under his shoulders, and his heart seems too big to fit behind his ribs. He’s a writer, a musician, a father, a humble warrior. His words seem to resonate with all those who cross his path, so much so that he compiled his writing into a new book, God Wears Durags, Too.

The timing was serendipitous, the day spirit-filled.  A little bit of magic-making in the Bronx. Thanks to the Bronx Museum for letting me find the light, and to Joel for responding with an open heart.

“my best art came when i was most open and most vulnerable and most willing to live in the light of my truth.”  

“I am drawn, more or less, to those who have the softness of God lurking in the crevices of their heart spaces.” 

“There is much untapped magic in you, living in you; harnessing it requires the belief in your capabilities, and owning the love within your heart space.” 

“Float on water, glide on moons, be a nimble heart, keep the ocean in your belly, steer the clouds with your eyes; make the sun your lover. Be the things you dream of.” 




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