Nomadic Massive
I’m a Toronto-based photographer and videographer. Storytelling is at the heart of what I do. Providing compelling content, with simplicity and emotion.
Nomadic Massive, Amy Brathwaite Photography, Lifestyle Photography
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Nomadic Massive

More than a decade ago, I attended an event and was introduced to the musical style and lyrical genius of Nomadic Massive. I was immediately struck by their style, how they incorporate social justice calls-for-action in their music and how their beats force your feet to dance. I’ve forged friendship with members of the band, and have been fortunate enough to cross paths with them in Haiti and across Canada. A few short years ago, I met the woman who stole the heart of the quiet, and indubitably cool Rawgged MC and witnessed their wedding celebration.  Together, they’ve carved out a life and family together and are navigating the new road of parenthood. It was an honour to meet the little man, whose wisdom and soulfulness you feel when he looks at you with his big brown eyes.

While distance leaves our visits too few and far between, I’m grateful to have caught a glimpse of life with their son. And left Montreal with a sense of hope that comes from knowing such conscientious, loving and engaged people are bringing kids into the world. And who knows, maybe another bass player.



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